Tuesday, 2 March 2010

No to Public Service Cuts

There is an eerie unity amongst the three main parties that they will take the axe to public services. That does not mean the £76 billion committed to Trident; the £100 billion for the Afghan or Iraqi wars; nor does it mean trying to recover the £130 billion from the wealthy elite by closing tax loopholes…
The consensus is that they will attempt to destroy essential public services, such as education, health, welfare benefits and social services. These cuts will have to be the ‘biggest seen since the creation of the welfare state’ (Governor of Bank of England). The onus will fall on those least able to defend themselves…the poor, the infirm, young people and the elderly.
The worst of the cuts are being cynically held back until after the election. Working people have already taken big reductions in living standards with wage cuts; redundancies; short time working and now they want us to pay more!
The proposed 1500-2000 redundancies in Kirklees will devastate the area and households. We cannot allow this to continue unchallenged
I support the Save Our Services campaign initiated by community groups and trade unions. We are fighting for:
 No Cuts, Closures or Redundancies
 No more privatisation of public services
 For a massive investment in public services to generate jobs, homes and security
Stop bailing out the banks; invest in our communities; use public money to create jobs, build houses and schools and a decent minimum wage.